Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Pink Restaurant were proud to support Breast Cancer Ireland and Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. A discretionary charge of €2 was added onto all dinner bills and €1 onto all lunch/brunch and afternoon tea bills at Pink resulting in raising €2,000. This donation will go towards vital support services – to breast cancer patients and their families or to fund life-changing cancer research programmes. Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause. Please advise your waiter if you wish to opt out of making a donation. RCN: 20078577

Care For Your Pair and Why is it Important?
Each year in Ireland, more than 3,500 women and almost 35 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer Ireland want everyone in Ireland to be breast aware, and know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Early detection means treatment is more likely to be successful, and really does save lives. Being breast aware means knowing what is normal for you, so that if any unusual change occurs in or around your breasts, you will recognise it. Take time today to check your breasts, and encourage others to do the same.
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